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Hello, I'm
Saameh Golzadeh

Entrepreneur, Blogger, Consultant


  • Name: Saameh Golzadeh
  • Email: info@saamehgolzadeh.com
  • Phone: (388) - 053 - 7592
  • Date of birth: 26 December 1981
  • Address: Italy
  • Nationality: Iranian

Professional Profile

With a master degree in Electrical engineering, electronics; I have variety of experiences in different fields from telecommunication till art. Currently, I am working as freelance data analysis and IT consultant. Besides, I am editor in chief of an online art magazine, which is currently in Persian but it will cover other languages soon.

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My Skills

The principals:

Machine Learning

Proficient, 2 years

IT & Business Consulting

Beginner, 1 years

Technical Writer/blogger

Expert, 6 years

Signal Processing

Advanced, 4 years


knowledge, skills and experiences in different fields. Photography is my passion and I spend lots of time to take photos, edit and evaluate them. Moreover, I spend lost of time reading and improving my knowledge for the sake of my personal interest as well as for the 1001BooM online magazine.

  • Google Analythics & SEO
  • ‌Management and Business Strategy
  • Social Media Networking
  • Decision making & problem solving
  • Photography skills
  • Photo editing knowledge
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Good sense of street photography
  • Matlab programming
  • Shell scripting
  • Speech/speaker recognition
  • Microsoft Office

Language Skills

I gained my language skills through living in different contries and my interest in learning new languages which means getting to know new worlds.

Persian Mother tongue
English Advanced
Italian Proficient


11 Years Experience!

I worked in different countries which gave me the ability to adapt to multicultural environment.


Technical Consultant, Italy

Now - 2015
Instructive consultant on data analysis. The project that I am consulting is part of for neuroleadership being researched in CIMBA Italy centre.
1001Boom Online Art Magazine

Editor in Chief

Now - 2015
1001Boom is an online magazine focusing on art including photography, painting, industrial design, architecture, cinema, carpet and etc.
speech and speaker recognition researcher

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy

2013 - 2010
Single and multi microphone speech feature extraction for robust distant automatic speaker recognition system in reverberant environment in smart home applications.
Research Assistant / Lab Instructor

Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus

2010 - 2008
Teacher assistant of the following courses: signals and system, fundamentals of electrical engineering and digital signal processing.
Network Administrator

Power Research Company, Iran

2007 - 2005
Designing and developing network topology, router, DNS, DHCP management, solving hard- ware/software faults, windows server/client troubleshooting.


Just My Education


International Management and Startegy

2015 - 2016
The Executive Certificate in International Management and Strategy (ECIMS) provides general management skills and strategic planning perspective.
Eastern Mediterranean University

Master of science, electrical Engineering, electronics and signal processing

2007 - 2009
Background foreground separation for shadow removal and object detection via license plate recognition in traffic analysis of avenues and intersections.
Tehran Azad University

Bachelor of Science, electronics

1999 - 2003
Speaker localization detection robot that moves towards the position of a predefined speaker.


Photography is my passion. You may follow my instagram account at saamaantaa_



Let's Keep In Touch

My contact information are as follows: I'd be happy to discuss about work through email or whatsapp. Do not hesitate

Saameh Golzadeh

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Saameh Golzadeh